Login as Organisation

Next, you will need to log in as the organisation's owner. This is the primary user created when you first opened your account with us. For more information, please see that section of the guide here.

Login API Call:

POST - /login
Params: { version: v3.0 }
Body: { username: YOUR_USERNAME, password: YOUR_MD5_ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD }

Successful Response:

    "status_code": 200,
    "response": {
        "session_id": SESSION_ID,
        "user_id": YOUR_USER_ID,
        "user_status": "Active",
        "user_type": "Org-Owner",
        "email": "YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS",
        "username": "YOUR_USERNAME",
        “first_name”: “YOUR_FIRST_NAME”
        “last_name”: “YOUR_LAST_NAME”
        "gender": "GENDER",
        "dob": "YEAR-MONTH-DAY",
        "profile_pic": "NULL",
        "application_id": "YOUR_APPLICATION_ID",
        "refresh_token": "REFRESH_TOKEN",
        "organization_id": YOUR_ORGANIZATION_ID,
        "organization": "YOUR_ORGANIZATION_NAME",
        "application_app_id": "YOUR_APPLICATION_STRING_IDENTIFIER",
        "application": "YOUR_APPLICATIONS_NAME",
        "application_type": "media"

Please note that if it is your first time logging in, application-related fields will be empty until you have created and selected your first application.

When logged in, you will have a refresh_token that is required for authorised calls. This is also known as the Bearer Authorisation token, which you will need for the next series of API calls.