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Vian Chinner, CEO of Xineoh, joins CNBC Africa and explains how AI significantly optimizes productivity by taking a company’s raw transaction data and making fast and accurate predictions that assist in areas such as stocking the correct amount of inventory and asking the most accurate price for it.

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MoneyMakers' Bruce Whitfield speaks to Vian Chinner, CEO of Xineoh, about its connection to Amazon and why it is getting the attention of US venture capitalists. "We help users figure out what it is they actually want." A big cheque to write, which Xineoh's world-class algorithm cashes every time.

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Thanks to an investment deal with a Canadian company, Xineoh has received a $2million cash injection through a reverse-takeover of a cash shell. The funding is being used to expand, launch and market VideoLlama, a program that uses Xineoh\'s unique algorithm to assist movie watchers to choose their preferred films to stream.

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How AI, Deep Learning and Super-Intelligence Will Drive Productivity and Improve Performance.

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Guardians of the retail sector: how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing day to day business in the retail sector.

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