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What others are saying

'I have never seen data extracted using the language and systems Vian Chinner has developed. This is going to be huge. Fortune size companies receive up to 80% of their sales through machine learning recommendation engines.

Dr. Maciej Kraus

PhD, Director: Revenue Optimization Advisory at PwC.

I’ve seen many data warehouses and data science teams unable to provide basic insights. Xineoh quickly goes beyond the current state of the art.

John Robison

Former CTO at Move, Inc, VP IT Operations at Netflix & VP Engineering at Yahoo. Xineoh board member.

Xineoh’s insights & predictive accuracy has already evolved our views on the future of planning. More importantly, they unlock a plethora of underlying, tangible opportunities that nobody can possibly derive through any best-practice principles I’ve seen in my career.

Jerry Anthonyrajah

Former Chief Executive, JET Africa

Xineoh did a great job, they gave us a major lift with the price elasticity insights their platform mined.

Mike Solomon

Kevro, Charged Commercial Officer

Xineoh has expedited the use of content through their platform to deliver a working solution that can be implemented across a number of touchpoints, at almost double the accuracy of other popular recommendation engines on the market.

Durrel Ramrathan

Senior Manager Analytics & AI

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Why use the Xineoh Consumer Behavior Prediction Platform?

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Most businesses cannot compete with the tech giants when it comes to recruiting top data scientists.

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Building custom solutions are expensive and success is not guaranteed.



By using AI to show customers the right items at the right times, Netflix saved $1 billion in 1 year. What can your business gain?

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