Step 4: Sharing S3 Bucket Access to Xineoh’s API

To process the schemas and datasets, Xineoh’s API will need access to your S3 bucket. The security and privacy of your data remain Xineoh’s top priority. To keep your data safe, Xineoh will be keeping your S3 bucket access key and secret key separate.

The first step will be to share your access key with Xineoh via the application management section in the organisations page. Here is where you will manage your applications and their information such as S3 bucket access keys.

The second step will be using your secret key along with your bucket name for the batch processing API call.

Batch Download and Upload

    Url - "{{recommender-api-url}}/builder/batch"
    Request - "POST"
    Params - {
        "version": "v3.0"(Optional)
    Post Data - {
        "aws_secret_key": "YOUR_SECRET_KEY"(Required)
        "aws_bucket": "YOUR_BUCKET_NAME"(Required)

How to use the setup API calls will be explained in greater detail in the step by step section.