Algorithmic Matrix

Media & Entertainment


Ensuring that your users have a memorable experience every time they visit your platform is a must. Customers have options, they expect to be entertained, and they expect your business to understand their wants and needs. We provide our clients with the ability to gain deep insights into the behavior of their customers and to predict customer behavior with AI.

Icons Representing Media and Entertainment Industries


Video on Demand Icon
Video on Demand
Linear Television Icon
Linear Television
Streaming Television Icon
Streaming Television
Podcast Networks Icon
Podcast Networks
Interactive Television Icon
Interactive Television
Video Content Distribution Icon
Video Content Distribution
Over-the-top Media Services Icon
Over-the-top Media Services

Industry Challenges

  • Recommending the right content to the right viewers at the right time;
  • Acquiring the right inventory to satisfy all your viewers;
  • Knowing which content to acquire or create to keep existing customers and attract new customers;
  • Pricing products and services in a way that maximizes revenue and viewer satisfaction;
  • Preventing your viewers from switching to a competitor, in other words, predicting churn;
  • Gaining a deep understanding of viewers’ complex behaviors & identifying the real factors that drive their behaviors;
  • Making the most of the interaction data you have. You’re sitting on mountains of data, and wondering how to turn that into business insights, and ultimately profits.

Harness the power of AI to help you solve your business challenges.