Retail Case Study:

Optimising Jet’s Replenishment | Xineoh – Predicting Consumer Behavior with AI

Jet is a leading South African value retailer with over 500 stores. It is part of the Edcon group.

Jet has a corporate goal of improving trade density. Additionally, they want to free up as much cash as possible from the balance sheet without sacrificing revenue in the process.

One large advantage Jet has is that it has large volumes of transactional and customer data. They have been collecting customer data for almost 20 years.

Decrease in Stock-Cover
In-stock maintained
Weeks deployment from start to finish
Prediction error: Best published Brick ‘n Mortar Result
More cost-effective than international competitors

“Xineoh’s insights & predictive accuracy has already evolved our views on the future of planning. More importantly, they unlock a plethora of underlying, tangible opportunities that nobody can possibly derive through any best-practice principles I’ve seen in my career.”

Jerry Anthonyrajah

Former Chief Executive, Jet Africa